GConvert Change History
Version reference: 5.2.0


GConvert is a full-featured icon toolkit that lets you extract and manage all icon images from any icon resources such as EXE, DLL, icon libraries ICL (32-bit and 16-bit), Windows ICO and Macintosh ICNS and RSRC files, cursors CUR, etc... View, edit, copy or save icons as ICO, bitmap, PNG, Adobe Photoshop PSD, JPG, GIF formats (and more thanks to plug-ins) for use in your applications, documents, web pages, publications

GConvert includes powerful features: from manipulating any icon image - all sizes and color depths, including Windows Vista and Windows 7 256x256 PNG-compressed icons, Windows XP and Mac OS X 32-bit icons (up to 512x512) with alpha channel - to creating icons from any image file. You can also batch export icons; open, manage and create icon libraries (in ICL, DLL and compressed Zip formats); modify icons by adding, removing and batch generating their images; drag and drop icons directly into drag-drop enabled applications (including Windows explorer); manage icon favorites; search for hidden icons; export icons to a Web page; create mouse cursors; modify icon resources in EXE/DLL; create bitmap strips for toolbars, and much more.

Finally, GConvert has an easy-to-use interface supporting skins and comes with a detailed context-sensitive help file, icon samples and format plug-ins.

GConvert is copyright G.D.G Software 2006-2009. All Rights Reserved.

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What's new in GConvert 5.2

  • Batch create icons: icons can now be stored in an icon library.
  • Create bitmap strips for toolbars and animation controls from a set of icons. Several options available: horizontal or vertical bitmap strips, transparency... Export bitmap strips as PNG or BMP files.
  • PNG files with incorrect headers are now handled in some cases.
  • Software protection updated to avoid false positives from some antivirus software programs.
  • Skin engine and memory manager updated.
  • New skins (Office 2007, LightBusiness).
  • Tested successfully with Windows 7 (RC 32-bit). Windows 7 icons are fully handled.
  • Documentation updated.
  • Minor improvements.

What's new in GConvert 5.1

  • New screen color picker tool: pick any color from your screen and choose the background color for icon conversion easier & faster. Use CTRL + K shortcut to invoke it (or from the Background Color Selection dialog box).
  • Fixed: custom conversion background colors were not saved.
  • Fixed: exporting several icons as bitmap files did not take account of bitmap saving options.
  • New HTML Color Code tool in the Background Color Selection dialog box: you can now enter or retrieve HTML codes for colors.
  • It is now possible to rename multiple icons in icon libraries.
  • Preferences are now stored in XML file.
  • Updated skin engine.
  • Minor bug fixes.

What's new in GConvert 5.0

  • open and edit any Vista icon (any size and color format including new 256x256 icon images with different color depths, and even higher).
  • create Vista-compatible icons (with or without PNG compression).
  • now recognizes 256x256 (starting with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger®) and 512x512 (future releases) icons in Macintosh ICNS files so you can convert them to Windows icons.
  • new memory manager and optimized code.
  • sort icon images by size into ascending or descending order.
  • full support for Windows Vista.
  • extract Vista icons from programs and other files with embedded icons, manage Vista icons (with PNG compression or not) in icon libraries, EXE, DLL.
  • improved support for PNG partial transparency & color conversion.
  • manipulate large icon images (512x512, etc...).
  • batch convert several images (BMP, PNG, PSD, GIF, JPEG, CUR, ICNS) into Windows icons (ICO).
  • can add or remove PNG compression in Vista icons (up to 256x256 icons).
  • optionally calculate new palettes for color-indexed images if the selected background color isn't available in the palette (useful for 8-bit GIF and bitmap images).
  • remove PNG compression in "Save Icon" options.
  • create, read, modify, manage 32-bit icon libraries (new 32-bit ICL format). 16-bit icon libraries are not compatible with Windows Vista, GConvert can convert them to 32-bit.
  • when creating DLL files, icons can now optionally get the same order in the exported DLL as in the source icl file.
  • editing an icon selects the same icon image as in the Image Viewer.
  • improved cursor conversion expert.
  • create icons from clipboard (copy and paste image in GConvert directly with CTRL+V, the Image To Icon expert is immediately started).
  • new "Add Vista Default" icon images in the "Generate Other Images" expert. This option automatically creates icon images that should be available in icons designed for Vista.
  • improved icon patcher in EXE/DLL files.
  • Web Export: images are now exported into ascending or descending order.
  • Fixed some minor memory leaks, improved drawing code.
  • improved GIF plug-in: better transparency support for non 8-bit icon images; optionally create non-transparent GIF images; takes account of existing color palettes.
  • updated JPEG plug-in.
  • drag-drop support now enabled in Vista although this still requires testing.
  • support for .LNK files => just drag and drop links from your desktop and GConvert will open associated icons, when they are available.
  • several minor changes.
  • documentation updated.

Copyright G.D.G. Software 2009. All Rights Reserved.