Split multiple files in one time

imgGSplit normally splits files one by one, but in order to save you time, it can also split several files in one time. This topic explains you how this works.

Before all, please note that GSplit will not compress nor archive your files. If you need to do this, please consider Paquet Builder in addition to GSplit.

Splitting multiple files is an option: to access this feature, click on the "General/Original File" navigation link img on the left side of the main window. Now click on the button named "Several Files". A new window will appear.

The "Split multiple files" window is now opened; you can see the list that lets you specify all the files you want to split. Adding files to the list can be done thanks to the Add button. To clear the entire list, use the Clear button. Delete lets you remove the selected file if any from the list.

Finally, click OK to accept the changes. The window will be closed and GSplit will be automatically configured to split the specified files. By default, it will set the first file in your list as the original file but do not worry: when you click the Split button, all files will be split one by one automatically. Moreover, GSplit will display a label titled "About multiple files" to remember you that multiple files were selected.

img Notes:

  • GSplit will split all selected files using the same settings (except the destination folder as explained below). Piece type and size, SFU properties will be the same for all split files.
  • Once all files were split, immediately clear the file list before you start to split any other file.
  • Regarding destination folders: to prevent GSplit from overwriting piece files, a destination folder is attributed to each split file. By default, GSplit will use the default destination folder specified in the "Destination Folder" page as the root folder and create a sub-folder using the name of the split file. For example, if you split myfiles.exe, the destination folder associated to the file will be c:\my documents\my split files\myfiles if the default destination folder was c:\my documents\my split files.
  • If you create disk spanned pieces, GSplit will display a message each time a new file is split. This lets you possibly change the removable disk before the next file is split. If you do not want this prompt to be displayed, you can disable it in the Environment Options ("Tools/Environment Options" menu command).