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Welcome to HTML Executable, the powerful HTML compiler that turns an entire website into a single executable file also known as ebook.

For more information about HTML Executable, or to download the program, please go to its dedicated website: www.htmlexe.com. Be sure to update your bookmarks!

HTML Executable is a powerful and versatile HTML compiler that turns websites (or any group of HTML pages) into single executable files which are real stand-alone Windows applications. Create unique full-featured ebooks, presentations, digital catalogues, CD autoruns, demonstrations, documentation or compact archives for easier, efficient and secure distribution of your websites. Authoring professional and user-attractive ebooks is now possible!

While HTML documents are normally associated with the Internet, they are also very useful for displaying all kinds of textual material such as documentation, help files, tutorials, etc. HTML Executable lets you transform these HTML documents and their related files into real .exe files. All source files (HTML, graphics, media...) are strongly compressed in order to make compact executable files useful for distribution or archiving purposes, without losing performance.

Compile websites as ebooks

HTML Executable is the sole HTML compiler to let you select between three "classes" of executable files to create: Self-Extracting, ebooks featuring a built-in HTML Viewer or ebooks having the same navigation features as Microsoft Internet Explorer. While the majority of HTML compilers only offer you ebooks based on Internet Explorer, HTML Executable lets you both create ebooks that depend or not on Internet Explorer, according to the features you need for your compiled website. Three styles of ebooks in one single product only!

Your compiled websites may contain HTML pages, graphics, DHTML, JavaScript, Java applets (partial support only), CSS files, text documents, animated GIF files, Adobe Flash SWF and Flash video FLV, Adobe Acrobat PDF files (other ActiveX controls should also be supported), MP3, WMV, WMA, AVI, sounds, music... Depending on the features your website requires, you will need to select the style of ebook you want to create.

Everything of the compiled website ebook can then be customized according to your needs: apply skins to the user interface - HTML Executable provides real skin support for your ebooks; use scripting to control behaviors; protect your pages using security profiles to create trial ebooks and restrict user rights (the context menu can be disabled); display splash screens or messages; add a table of contents, a powerful search engine and a favorite manager; change the icon, the version information of your .exe files and digitally sign them with Authenticode, and much more!

HTML Executable is mostly wizard-driven: its intuitive interface lets both inexperienced and advanced users get the most of their first ever executable website.

Give HTML Executable a try today: download the fully functional Trial edition

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