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Turn PHP Websites into Windows Applications with ExeOutput for PHP

G.D.G. Software has released ExeOutput for PHP v. 1.1, a Windows program that turns HTML, PHP scripts, JavaScript, and XML into standalone Windows applications. The applications that you create run PHP scripts, PHP applications, and PHP websites natively, and do not require a web server, a web browser, or PHP distribution.

ExeOutput for PHP is a powerful website compiler that works with all of the elements found on modern sites: PHP scripts, JavaScript, HTML, XML, PDF files, Flash videos, Silverlight videos, databases, and images. Combining these elements with PHP Runtime and PHP Extensions, ExeOutput for PHP builds an EXE file that contains your complete application.

End users run the compiled application as easily as they would run any EXE file. From their perspective, they're running a web browser that displays your PHP pages, as if these pages were hosted on a remote server. Because each application is self-contained, you never have to worry about having the proper PHP distribution on their computers. There are no port conflicts and no firewall problems because everything needed to run the application is contained in the EXE file.

PHP scripts and other files are compressed and protected. They cannot be unpacked or decompiled, and end users are not able to modify the scripts. ExeOutput for PHP works seamlessly with SQLite, fSQL, and MySQL.

Because ExeOutput for PHP uses the same rendering engine as Internet Explorer, end users will see familiar navigation tools and menu commands. Alternatively, the developer can customize these elements by adding custom buttons and menu items, displaying popup windows, selecting skins, and much more. It's simple to add your custom icon, and modify the About box.

Unlike simple PHP-to-EXE wrappers, ExeOutput for PHP supports password protection, anti-debugger features, and code signing certificates. It's easy to create portable applications that run completely from a USB drive.

Whether you're a web developer who needs to convert an online application into a standalone executable, a computer consultant who needs to turn a customer's website sales presentations and catalogs into self-contained programs, or an author who wants to turn a website into an eBook, ExeOutput for PHP v. 1.1 has the tools that you need.

ExeOutput for PHP v. 1.1 runs under Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7, costs $99.95(US) for a single-user license, and may be purchased securely online from http://www.exeoutput.com/. Programs created with ExeOutput for PHP may be distributed without royalty payments. A 30-day trial version is available on http://www.exeoutput.com/.

For more information, contact G.D.G. Software SARL. Internet: http://www.exeoutput.com/ Email.

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About G.D.G. Software

Since 2006, G.D.G. Software has been developing and marketing applications for software developers. In addition to ExeOutput for PHP, the company also offers HTML Executable, a Windows HTML and eBook compiler; Paquet Builder, an application that builds installers and self-extracting 7-Zip, Cab and Zip files; GConvert, a program to extract, manage, edit, and convert icons and icon libraries; GSplit, a utility program to split and rejoin files; AniTuner, a utility to create, edit, and convert animated Windows cursors; and CHM to Exe, a program that turns HTML help files into executables.

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