Cursor Properties
When an animated cursor is opened, the "View animated cursor properties" page is automatically displayed. You can also access it by clicking "Cursor properties" in the Tools panel.

imgThis page contains details about the animated cursor such as title, author, color depth & size, hotspot... Here is a brief explanation about all of these settings:

img Cursor Title and Author Name (optional): indicates the title of the cursor and the name of the person who created it. Not all animated cursors contain these details, but it is recommended that you enter your name in order to "protect your creation". Animated cursors remain intellectual properties of their respective authors.

img Color Format: indicates the number of colors used in the animated cursor's frames. All frames should have the same color format. You can press the Change button to select another color format.

img Dimensions: indicates the height & width of the cursor's frames. All frames should share the same dimensions. You can press the Resize button to resize the animated cursor.

img Hotspot: in Windows cursors, a pixel called the hot spot marks the exact screen location that is affected by a mouse event, such as clicking a mouse button. Typically, the hot spot is the focal point of the cursor. The system tracks and recognizes this point as the position of the cursor. For example, typical hot spots are the pixel at the tip of an arrow-shaped cursor and the pixel in the middle of a crosshair-shaped cursor.

hot spotTo let you visually set up the hot spot point, AniTuner displays the first frame on which a small red cross is drawn. You can click anywhere on this image to change the hotspot to a new location. The coordinates of the hotspot are then automatically actualized.

img Animation Info: indicates the number of frames available in the cursor, the duration in seconds and in jiffies (a jiffy equals a 1/60th of a second).

img Test Cursor: pressing this button or F5 will change the default mouse cursor to the current animated cursor. This lets you see how your cursor works in Windows. The cursor is replaced during 30 seconds, but you can immediately come back to the default arrow cursor by pressing the "Test cursor" button or F5 again.

imgPlease remember that Windows currently displays 32x32 cursors only (this may change in future versions). Moreover, 32-bit icons won't display correctly on Windows 9x/ME/NT4, as these systems do not support the alpha transparency introduced with Windows 2000 and XP.