How do I convert Macintosh icons to Windows icons?

GConvert supports opening icons designed for Apple Macintosh´┐Ż computers. Under Windows´┐Ż, these icons are stored in files whose extensions are .ICNS or .RSRC. All Macintosh icon image formats are supported including 32-bit 128x128 thumbnails, 256x256 and 512x512 for MacOS X.

To convert a single Macintosh icon file to a Windows icon file,

  1. Open the Macintosh icon file (.icns or .rsrc) using the Open a file command.
  2. click Save in the toolbar and select "Icon" in the destination format menu list.
  3. Enter the filename for the output Windows icon file (.ico) and press OK.

You can then open the new Windows icon file in GConvert for example.

To convert several Macintosh icon files (batch operation),

  1. Open the first Macintosh icon file to be converted using the Open a file command.
  2. click the "Library|Convert Current File to Icon Library" menu command.
  3. Then enter a filename for the temporary output icon library and press OK.
  4. Add the remaining icons to be converted using the "Library|Add Icon(s)..." menu command: in the shell open dialog box, select the other Macintosh icon file(s) and press OK.
  5. Select "Library|Save changes back to Library File" in order to save the temporary library to the hard disk.
  6. Press CTRL+A in order to select all of the icons in the list.
  7. click Save in the toolbar and select "Icon" as the destination format.
  8. The following window will appear:

  9. Select the destination folder for new Windows icons by entering it manually or pressing the Browse button.
  10. Press OK to export all icons.
  11. You can optionally delete the temporary icon library file from your hard disk.

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