How do I create icons from BMP, PNG, PSD, GIF, JPEG... ?

Creating icons from other image formats is easy with GConvert.

  1. Click the "File|Convert Picture To Icon" menu command.
  2. Select the image file that should be converted to an icon and press OK. Hint: you can also drag an image file and drop it onto GConvert.
  3. The Import Picture window appears as below:

  4. Using the rectangle, indicate the region of the picture that should be converted to an icon image. Use Select All to automatically select the entire image.
  5. Set up the size for the new icon image, the resizing method and the color depth.
  6. As icons are transparent, you need to indicate the color that will be set as the transparent color in your icon image.
  7. Click Create Icon and the window is closed.
  8. The Icon Editor is then opened. You can add other images, generate additional images (recommended) and finally export your icon file.
    Clock on "Export Icon File" and select the filename for the output icon file. Press OK.

Your new icon file has been created! You can then open it in GConvert to check the result.

» Also check this help topic: Import picture as icon.

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