How do I edit icon images?

GConvert includes an icon editor: it lets you edit any icon including their icon images. You can add new icon images, import pictures, edit the icon images (and optionally alpha channels of 32-bit icons - be sure that the "Include alpha channel" option is enabled in the Environment Options), remove images and even generate icon images of different formats from a single icon image source.

To open the icon editor, there are several direct and indirect ways:

  1. when an icon is selected in the Main Viewer, you can double-click on it, press Edit in the toolbar, press CTRL+E or finally select "Edition|Edit Icon" menu command (or the same but in the mouse context menu)
  2. use the "File|Convert picture to icon" menu command; once you select an image file, the icon editor will be displayed.

» Check this help topic: Working with the icon editor.

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