How do I package icon libraries for the Web?

Icon libraries are not compressed and therefore they are not suitable for icon sharing over the Internet. Below you will find two interesting solutions for distributing your icon libraries:

Converting icon libraries to Zip archives

GConvert can easily transform icon libraries to compressed Zip archives:

  1. Open the icon library in GConvert using Open a file.

  2. Select the "Library|Convert to a Zip archive..." menu command.

  3. Enter the filename for your output Zip archive and press OK.

You can then distribute your compressed Zip archive. Note that Zip archives created with GConvert will contain all of your icons, not the icon library file itself.

Furthermore, when you receive a Zip archive (created with GConvert or not) containing icons, you can open it in GConvert like any regular icon library files. You can even convert the Zip archive to a new uncompressed icon library in .icl format!

Packaging your icon libraries into compact Self-Extracting executable files

If you would like to distribute your icon libraries with a custom installer (that will display a license agreement, require a password before allowing users to extract the icon files or create shortcuts on the end user's computer), then you will need our other product Paquet Builder.

Paquet Builder is a complete Self-Extracting distribution creation toolkit. It lets you visually design and customize installers or Self-Extracting packages from A to Z for easy and professional delivery/installation of your files and software programs. Furthermore it features strong compression methods to generate compact and secure distributions.

The program is distributed in a Freeware and a Registered (shareware) editions. The Freeware edition already have enough features to distribute your icon libraries, so let's give it a try! You can download it at

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