Introduction to GConvert

GConvert is a full-featured icon toolkit that everyone who likes icons should use: with it you can extract, view, create, edit, manage & convert icons without requiring any additional tool or knowledge.

Extract iconsIts basic purpose:GConvert extracts icons from files and displays them in a list: you then select the icon you want and it can be converted to the format of your choice. GConvert reads any icon resource file such as EXE, DLL, ICL, OCX, CPL, BPL, NIL, IL, SCR, CUR, ICNS, RSRC (Macintosh) and ZIP files; then it allows you to save extracted icons as icon, bitmap, PNG and many other popular formats (PSD, JPG, GIF...); you can even copy them to the Windows clipboard or drag/drop them directly in applications, documents, Web pages...

Moreover GConvert offers you more flexibility and functionality than other standard icon extractors: its powerful but easy-to-use features let you do almost everything you want with your icons:

With its intuitive interface, GConvert can be easily and quickly used without any problems: no complicate menus, buttons or dialogs. Each important command can be instantly accessed with the mouse or keystrokes.

Getting Started

Common Operations

How do I...