About Paquet Builder

imgGSplit does not compress files: if you would like to distribute your files over the Internet, in order to save download time and server bandwidth, it is recommended that you compress your files. This is why you can use Paquet Builder (PB), another of our programs that compresses files into Self-Extracting archives. This means that PB can compress all your files into a single 7-Zip, Cabinet or Zip archive, and then transform it into a single Self-Extracting executable file. You won't need any third-party program in order to extract your files: just run the resulting executable file.

Paquet Builder includes a Freeware edition: this means that you can use it free of charge like GSplit.

Note: if you install Paquet Builder after GSplit, do not forget to specify the path to Paquet Builder in the Environment Options.

Why can you use Paquet Builder with GSplit?

You would like to distribute a group of multimedia files for instance. First, use Paquet Builder to compress these files into a Self-Extracting Executable (SFX) file, this means a file that allows your end users to decompress your multimedia files without having any compression utility.

But there is a problem: the resulting Self-Extracting file is too large to fit on a floppy disk (1.44Mb) for instance. Its size is about 1.88Mb. GSplit is then your solution: you can split the Self-Extracting file using GSplit directly onto two floppy disks.

Possible scenario

  1. Compress the files you want to distribute into a single executable (SFX) file.

  2. Split this file into smaller pieces for easier distribution on floppy disks or over the Internet.

  3. You can configure the Self-Uniting Executable file (SFU) created by GSplit to automatically restore the Self-Extracting Executable file (SFX), and then execute the latter.

  4. The SFX extracts your image files to the user's destination folder and then closes.

  5. The SFU which was waiting for the end of the SFX deletes the latter (because it is not required anymore) and then exits.

This scenario is possible with the unique features provided both by GSplit and Paquet Builder.

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