GSplit - split any file

Additional Skin Files

In this section, you can find some skin files that allow you to change the look of GSplit. Just download the skin file and save it into the Skins subfolder of GSplit (generally C:\Program Files\GSplit\Skins).
To select a different skin in GSplit, go to the Environment Options and enter the path to the skin file you want to use ("Custom Skin File" field). You can also click Browse.

Stand-alone GUnite 3

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- Related Applications

GSplit may be used with the following applications.

  • HTML Executable: compress your websites into stand-alone executable files.

  • Paquet Builder: compress your files with 7-Zip technology and then create a single Self-Extracting Executable file - fully customizable.

- Add-ons and utilities for GSplit

These applications can create resource files to be used with GSplit:

  • GConvert: extract icons from any files and convert them into icon, bitmap, GIF, JPEG files... GSplit allows you to change the default icon of your Self-Uniting executable file ; you can then use icons extracted with GConvert.

Multilanguage support!

GSplit can be easily translated into the language of your choice.

See the translations currently available

Package your files

GSplit splits large files and especially self-extracting packages. What about creating your own professional Self-Extracting packages? Paquet Builder is your solution.

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