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ExeOutput for PHP 2018.2 released (September 17th, 2018)

Our PHP compiler is now blazzing fast for creating PHP applications thanks to its new compression and caching system. Moreover, this release includes new timer components (cron jobs), Chromium 69, and much more. Upgrade is recommended if your maintenance is active.

Learn more about ExeOutput for PHP  |  Download ExeOutput for PHP

HTML Executable

HTML and Ebook Compiler

 Wrap rich websites, PDF and Web documents into secure .exe applications or ebooks for the desktop

 Create ebooks, publications and digital information products

 Lots of customization features

Paquet Builder

Installers and Self-Extractors

 Build compact 7-Zip Self-Extracting (SFX) archives, setups and software updates

 Visually customize installers and Self-Extractors from A to Z

 Professional-and-friendly file and software delivery

ExeOutput for PHP

Powerful PHP To EXE Compiler

 Create desktop applications from PHP scripts and PHP websites, featuring a built-in browser that run PHP pages natively without any web server

 Make your own Windows apps in PHP, HTML5 and JS with loads of features and possibilities...

Xls Padlock, Excel compiler

Excel Workbook Protection

 Copy-protect your Microsoft Excel workbooks, formulas and VBA.

 Turn Excel worksheets into secure and customized applications.

 Secure Excel files with online activation, dongle / USB protection or with hardware-locked keys.


Icon and Icon Library Toolkit

 The best solution to extract, manage, edit and convert icons

 Support for Windows 7, Vista, XP & Macintosh icon format

 Feature-rich and intuitive interface, batch options...


Versatile File Splitter

 Split any large file into a set of smaller files called pieces

 Pieces come with a standalone program to restore the original file

 Lots of customization features for safely splitting files in a snap


Animated Cursor Utility

 Create, edit and convert animated cursors (.ani files) for Windows and web animations

 Use them to customize mouse pointers, or insert them in web pages, blogs, emails, applications...

CHM To Exe

Convert HTML Help To Ebooks

 Open HTML Help files (.CHM files), explore them, extract all source files and create related HTML Executable projects

 Compile HTML Help into secure apps and ebooks with HTML Executable

EPub To App

Convert Ebooks (EPUB) To EXE

 Convert your ebooks in EPUB format to secure apps with HTML Executable (.epub to exe files)

 Protect your e-books, courses, documents... Create branded ebook viewers for safe distribution.

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