Introducing HTML Executable 2024: A Significant Step Forward

We are delighted to announce the release of our HTML compiler: HTML Executable 2024, marking its transition from Beta to full release. This version represents a substantial overhaul, offering a swift and efficient tool for converting HTML, PDF documents, and websites into secure Windows applications.

HTML Compiler

Protecting Digital Content with HTML Executable 2024

HTML Executable 2024 packs your HTML, websites, and PDF content into standalone Windows applications, commonly referred to as digital publications or ebooks. It is user-friendly for beginners while providing advanced features for experienced users. This makes it suitable for various projects such as ebooks, presentations, documentation, HTML5 games and HTML desktop apps.

Dual Rendering Engines for Enhanced Performance

Two advanced HTML rendering engines power HTML Executable 2024: CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) and WebView2. Both are based on the secure Chromium platform. This offers native support for HTML 5 and CSS 3, ensuring that applications are contemporary and responsive.

Two rendering engines

Robust Security and Licensing Features

HTML Executable 2024 extends its functionality with licensing and anti-piracy measures. This includes options to restrict access to pages, create trial versions, use remote software activation as DRM to fight piracy. But also dongle protection for your ebooks, and prevention of unauthorized actions such as screen capture and printing to virtual printers. Avoid screenshots of your content!

Tailored Customization Options

With HTML Executable 2024, customize every aspect of your ebook applications. Not only this includes skins, GUI elements, splash screens, and customized messages. But also a built-in PDF viewer, search engine, and favorites manager. Additional features include enhanced scripting, automatic web updates, custom icons, and portable versions for USB drives.

Seamless Installation and Broad Compatibility

Optimized for Windows 11 and compatible with older versions (including Windows 7), HTML Executable 2024 ensures an easy installation and upgrade process. It’s designed to work seamlessly with modern system architectures.

What’s New in HTML Executable 2024?

  1. Advanced HTML Rendering Engines: Select between CEF and WebView2 for optimal performance and file size.
  2. Enhanced UI Customization: Improved options for custom toolbars, menu bars, and ribbons. A custom UI editor is provided.
  3. Contemporary Features: Support for dark and light themes, high DPI, SVG for control images, and still an enhanced built-in PDF viewer.
  4. Strengthened Security: Includes Enky CT dongle support, an updated activation kit based on Laravel, and improved multi-threading for fast execution and display of your compiled HTML pages.

Compatibility and Support

While HTML Executable 2024 can import projects from previous versions, some minor adjustments may be needed, particularly for projects previously based on the Trident engine.

???? Review our detailed changelog

Upgrade Conditions

➡️ If your maintenance is active, the update to HTML Executable 2024 is free. You just need to download the HTML compiler installer, install the software, and then launch HTML Executable. When you do, it might prompt you to activate your license. Simply enter your activation code as usual, and that’s it.

➡️ We have extended the maintenance for users who had purchased an HTML Executable license since 2020 and did not receive updates while their maintenance was active. You can check if your maintenance is active by visiting the My account page.

➡️ If your maintenance has expired, you can renew it directly on the ‘My account‘ page, and of course, as a returning customer, you will receive a discount.

Start Exploring HTML Executable 2024

HTML Executable 2024 is a notable update that enhances the way content creators protect and distribute their work. Suitable for both experienced developers and newcomers, this ebook and HTML compiler is designed to improve your digital content protection and licensing capabilities.

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