HTML Executable Version 2024.1 Now Available

HTML Executable HTML App

We are pleased to announce the release of HTML Executable version 2024.1. This update introduces several new features and improvements to our HTML to EXE Compiler, aimed at enhancing functionality and user experience. Release Highlights: We recommend all users to upgrade to this latest version to benefit from the new features and enhancements. ???? Please … Read more

Introducing HTML Executable 2024: A Significant Step Forward

We are delighted to announce the release of our HTML compiler: HTML Executable 2024, marking its transition from Beta to full release. This version represents a substantial overhaul, offering a swift and efficient tool for converting HTML, PDF documents, and websites into secure Windows applications. Protecting Digital Content with HTML Executable 2024 HTML Executable 2024 … Read more

HTML Executable 2023 Beta 1 available for testing

HTML Executable HTML App

We are thrilled to announce the new Beta 1 release of HTML Executable 2023! This update brings a big enhancement: the inclusion of Microsoft WebView2 (Chromium) as a second HTML rendering engine. HTML Executable is the sole HTML compiler to give you the choice between two Chromium-based engines.¬†Unlike the stand-alone CEF, WebView2 does not require … Read more