XLS Padlock 2024.1 is available

XLS Padlock version 2024.1 is now available, announced on April 17, 2024. This release brings updates aimed at simplifying the process of securing and sharing Excel applications.

XLS Padlock is designed to transform Excel workbooks into secure, standalone applications. This software is for all Excel users looking to safeguard their Excel documents and optionally sell licenses for them.

What’s new in this 2024.1 update?

✔️ New Application Bundle Format: In addition to the standalone EXE format, XLS Padlock now offers an EXE + .xplapp bundle. This new format simplifies distribution and reduces the chances of receiving “Unknown Application” warnings, making it easier for recipients to trust and deploy your applications.

XLS Padlock App Bundle Format

✔️ Updated Code Signing Utility: The utility now supports SHA384 and SHA512 hash methods and accommodates ECC-based certificates.

✔️ WebUpdate Logging and Notifications: A new logging feature for the WebUpdate process allows for easier troubleshooting of update issues. Also, customizable update completion notifications enhance the user experience.

✔️ Online Deactivation Customization: It is now possible to hide the ‘Manual Deactivation’ option from the Online Deactivation screen.

✔️ Enhanced User Interface: Changes to the interface, such as renaming sections and reorganizing features, aim to make navigation more intuitive.

✔️ Distribute App Feature: This new function simplifies the distribution of your Excel workbook applications by packaging them into single Zip archives, installers, or directly copying them to specified folders.

The update of our Excel compiler also includes overhauled documentation with interactive syntax highlighting for VBA code snippets, making it easier to apply the software’s features effectively.

Get the upgrade

For those looking to enhance the security and distribution of their Excel applications, XLS Padlock 2024.1 is an effective solution.

👉 Download XLS Padlock 2024.1 and test our Excel compiler software today.

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More information at https://www.xlspadlock.com

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