How do I create 32-bit bitmaps?

32-bit bitmaps are standard Windows bitmaps featuring a 24-bit bitmapped image (16.8M colors) and a 8-bit alpha channel (256 possible levels of transparency for each pixel of the 24-bit image).

Some applications including GConvert of course already support editing and displaying 32-bit bitmaps. This topic describes you how to create these 32-bit bitmaps with GConvert.

  1. Open the file containing the icon you want to change into a 32-bit bitmap in GConvert.
  2. Select the right icon resource in the Main Viewer and in the Image Viewer, highlight the 32-bit icon image to be converted.
  3. Click Save in the toolbar and choose Bitmap in the format list.
  4. The Save shell dialog box is opened: on the right side, ensure to select the "Use the color format of the exported icon" option.
  5. Select the filename for your new bitmap file and press OK to save the bitmap file.

Your 32-bit bitmap file is normally created.

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