GSplit - split any file

Preview GSplit

Below you will find some screenshots of GSplit taken on Windows XP or Vista. The program supports skins, that means you can change its interface according to your needs. Some skins are available in the Resources section.

Screenshot 1
This page lets you select the type of pieces you would like to create and configure related options. This is the default skin.

Screenshot 2
This page lets you configure all the properties of the Self-Uniting program: here you can enter custom messages that should be displayed. The Self-Uniting program is the best way for your end users to unite split files sent by you. It can be automatically generated by GSplit when splitting your files: all you need to do is to distribute the pieces and this small Windows program (see the screenshot below).

Screenshot 3
This is a sample screenshot of a Self-Uniting program. Every caption, text string in the list or even the bitmap picture can be changed through the SFU properties in GSplit. Your end users just need to follow the instructions given by the program. Your own personalized message can also appear in the textbox or when you click About.

Skin Support!

Modify the interface of GSplit the way you want thanks to skins.
Just select a skin in the "Tools/Environment Options" menu command.

Split multiple file in one time

GSplit is able to split multiple files in one time without the need to put them first in a archive.

More information

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