Program Options
You can set up program options for AniTuner by clicking "Global Options" in the Options & Help panel.
  • Image Editor:

Since AniTuner does not feature an internal image editor, you need your own image editor if you wish to edit cursor frames. It can be a simple bitmap editor like Microsoft Paint to more powerful image editing software like Adobe Photoshop (R) and the free The Gimp &

In the Frame Editor, you can edit a frame by clicking "Edit Image". The image editor is then launched to edit the frame. This option lets you specify the editor you want to use: it can be the default one (the same as the one that is opened by Windows when you double-click on a bitmap file in Windows Explorer) or the one of your choice. In the last case, you have to enter the full path to the program file of your image editor.

  • Export temporary frame image in PNG format

The frame is by default exported in the Bitmap format. But if your image editor supports the PNG format, then you can enable this option. In this case, AniTuner will save temporary frames as PNG files (this format is useful for 32-bit cursors).

  • Ask for the resizing method

When importing an image as a frame, if the selection does not fit the current animated cursor size, AniTuner prompts you for the resizing method it should use to correct this problem. If you do not want to be prompted, then enable this option. In this case, AniTuner will always rescale the selection to fit the cursor size.

Once you have finished with the options, you can return to the previous page you were before pressing the Global Options button.