Saving Single Icons

First in the Main Viewer list you need to select the icon containing the icon image you want to save. Then choose the right icon image in the Image Viewer and after that you can:

About selecting the destination format

A popup menu will list all destination formats available. GConvert natively supports exporting icon images to icon files (.ico), bitmaps (.bmp), Portable Network Graphic files (.png) and Adobe Photoshop files (.psd). Thanks to plug-ins, this list can be widely extended (with GIF, JPG support, etc...).

All you have to do is first to select the destination format you wish and then the shell save dialog box will be displayed, asking you for the filename of the output file:

Properties for the conversion

The Save As dialog box may include additional items on the right side (like options to configure the conversion). The "My Favorite Paths" button will always be there, so you can select a favorite path in the list where to save the converted icon.


  1. If you want to export 32-bit icon images, the best format remains 24-bit PNG (alpha channel) or even Adobe Photoshop PSD. The majority of PNG-compatible image editors will easily recognize alpha channels. You can also try 32-bit bitmaps too under Windows XP. Internet Explorer 7 and FireFox recognizes alpha channels in PNGs (Internet Explorer 6.0 doesn't).
  2. Some plug-ins may also provide you with options regarding the conversion to their format. These options can be accessed using the "Configure" button on the shell save dialog box, when some options are available. Otherwise no button will be visible.

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