Icon Web Export Expert

This expert is a tool that will create a Web page (in HTML format) containing all icons (converted to the PNG format) taken from an icon source file. You can use this easy-to-use expert when you would like to export your icons to a Web site.

The generated Web page can be fully customized using a standard HTML editor. In fact GConvert only generates the minimum HTML tags it is needed to display icons.

How does it work?

The Icon Web Export Expert extracts your icons after four steps.

About the options

If you would like to open the Web page after the icon extraction, enable the "Open the Web page after creation" option. A Web browser such as Netscape, Mozilla FireBird or MSIE is needed.

Icon images are sorted in the same order as for the Image Viewer.

Image Filter: select the icon images that you would like to be exported to your Web page.

  1. Include all icon images: all icons including all of their images are automatically converted. GConvert creates a standard table and each icon takes a row (with all of its images).
  2. Only include images with the following format (...): this option will cause GConvert to only convert icon images with the specified format. Other image formats won't be included in your final Web page.

Note: GConvert uses the PNG format when converting icons as it supports transparency and alpha channel for 32-bit icons.


Common Operations