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This page allows you to send e-mail messages directly to our technical support. Our postal mail and contact information are available here.

supportBefore sending an e-mail, please check our forum at https://www.gdgsoft.info. Do not hesitate to create your account and post your messages. We do not send unsolicited e-mails to the subscribed users.

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Sending e-mail

You can either post your message to the technical support thanks to the following form or use one of our email addresses below.

supportBe sure to configure your spam filter to allow incoming emails from our SMTP servers and domains: gdgsoft.com, exeoutput.com, gdgsoft.info and htmlexe.com

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Alternatively you can also use your e-mail client to send us your message. Note that emails sent to the following addresses are automatically scanned by our spam filters so be sure to follow our recommendations (see below).

If you have trouble with a product, if you have found bugs or errors, and/or wish to get technical support regarding a product, please email to:

If you would like to ask questions, share feedback, tips or for all other inquiries, please email to:

Some recommendations before writing us

Be sure to always specify a product name or a clear sentence in your message's subject when you send us a message. Messages that have a product name at least in their subject will automatically avoid our spam filters.

Some useful points for your queries:

  1. Specify the product name and version number in your mail's subject, including words like "bug" or "problem". Check whether you are working with the latest versions available: go to the About boxes of our programs (Help => About) and you can find the version reference number: compare it with the one available on each download page.

  2. Regarding bugs, a full description of the operations to reproduce the bug will be helpful. Screenshots are appreciated (please use compressed formats like JPEG or PNG formats).

  3. Licensed customers of a product should specify their user ID in order to get priority for technical support.

  4. Finally, for bugs, indicate your computer configuration, at least your Windows version!

Spam filtering:

All of our incoming e-mails are automatically analyzed by two spam filters (server and local). While our two spam filters do a good job guessing whether any incoming message is spam or not, a very good guess is still a guess...
Besides, if you do not receive any answer within one week, please resend your message or use our forum.

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