The WooCommerce integration and online activation kits for XLS Padlock were updated

Updates to the WooCommerce integration and online activation kits for XLS Padlock are available

We updated our WooCommerce integration kit with even more features. In fact, now with a single installation, you can manage the activation and validation of multiple Excel workbooks that were protected with XLS Padlock:

Multiple orders in WooCommerce
Manage orders of your Excel workbooks directly in WooCommerce

Support for product variations

Moreover, we have added support for an advanced feature offered by WooCommerce: product variations. Thus, you can configure different variations of your products in WooCommerce and generate activation keys for your Excel workbooks accordingly:

Woocommerce Product Variations
Different variations of a product in WooCommerce

For example, you can offer licenses that do not have the same validity period (6 months, one year, etc.). You can therefore create variations of a product but that do not offer the same license period, and assign different activation key generation parameters to each.

Easy configuration and step-by-step guide

No complicated configuration, no PHP code editing anymore: manage everything now using a simple JSON file.
We have also updated the user guide to reflect these many changes.

As before, this kit is offered free of charge to all registered XLS Padlock users. You can download it at the usual address dedicated to registered users.

We updated the activation key generator in PHP and the online activation kit too.

Activation Dialog Excel Workbook
With XLS Padlock, easily add an online activation feature to your Excel workbooks to control who may access to them.

We strongly recommend you to update your installations.

Try our fully-functional online demo of this integration kit.

XLS Padlock is a powerful software for protecting your Excel workbooks, VBA code and formulas.
Indeed, XLS Padlock works as an Excel compiler which allows you to carefully turn your Excel workbooks into secure applications (XLS to EXE).

A whole lot of security options and customization options are available to everyone. Find out about our Excel workbook security software.

For support, do not hesitate to contact us or open a support ticket online.

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