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In order to make the distribution of GConvert enough small, we could not add all skins and plug-ins available. So you can download them as separate packages.

Each download is shipped into a Self-Installing package (.exe): just run it and its contents will be automatically added in GConvert.


If you need additional formats, do not hesitate to post your suggestions to the forum or write us.

Additional Skins

You can change the interface of GConvert as it supports skins. Some skins are already shipped with GConvert but you can download new ones below.

» How to change a skin in GConvert.

Files are digitally signed (with Microsoft Authenticode) to authenticate the publisher as well as to ensure that the code has not been altered.

Additional Skin Pack

Download here
Size: 449kb - version 1.1 for GConvert 5

Pack of skins

Contains BlueMorph, Clouds, ColorExpert, FineVector2,gel2,Gradic, iTMode, Office2007_Dark, Sirius2 and Win9X.

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