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features GConvert offers a wide range of features while trying to remain as easy-to-use as possible.

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Open icon files and convert any icon inside them!

  • Extracts any icon including all of its images from any files containing icons. Then just select an icon in the main list in order to view all of its images in the Image Viewer instantly.
  • Supports any icon size and color depth, including 32-bit XP icons with alpha channels introduced with Windows™ XP and Macintosh™ OS X.
  • Create, open, modify and save icons for Windows Vista, icons with 256x256 icon images (and optional PNG compression).
  • In addition to the full integration of the Windows icon format (.ico files), GConvert also recognizes Macintosh icons from 16x16 to OS X 128x128 (thumbnail), 256x256 (Mac OS X Tiger) & 512x512 formats - from 1-bit to 32-bit with alpha channel) stored in .ICNS and Macintosh resource fork files (.RSRC). You can then export, edit, convert these icons or even add them to icon libraries.
  • Enhanced support for the handy 32-bit icon format for Windows® XP with full alpha blending (it means partial transparency). GConvert draws XP icons correctly (even if you do not work under XP!), saves them as they would appear under XP and can also keep the alpha channel when converting icons to PNG, PSD files & 32-bit BMP files.
  • Exports selected icons to single icon ICO files, bitmaps BMP, Adobe Photoshop™ PSD, PNG, GIF, JPEG files and other additional formats thanks to external plug-ins...
  • Special enhanced support for importing/exporting PNG files compatible with all standard graphic tools and Linux. Alpha channel of 32-bit icons can be embedded into PNG files when exporting and vice-versa. You can also create smaller 8-bit PNG files useful for web pages.
  • Import/Export Windows cursor files (.cur) from monochrome to 32-bit cursors with alpha channel. You can also work with AniTuner especially designed for animated cursors.
  • Drag and drop any file onto GConvert to view its icons, or if it's an image file, to convert it into an icon.
  • Powerful drag/drop support: you can drag icons from GConvert (or images already converted in the format of your choice) and drop them onto compatible applications (drag/drop aware) like Windows Explorer, image and word processing tools, etc...

Manage your collections of icons!

  • create, open, edit and manage icon libraries in ICL format (standard icon library format) both in 32-bit or 16-bit. Add, rename, edit or remove icons from your icon libraries directly with GConvert. You can also compile them into true 32-bit DLL files (like MORICONS.DLL) or Zip archives.
  • search for hidden icons on your computer and displays them in a list; you can also export the search results to icon libraries.
  • reads icons directly from Zip archives so if you download icon archives from the Internet, you do not need to unzip your icons first in order to use them. Zip archives may also be turned into ICL libraries.
  • display icon properties, color palettes and associated images (including mask, alpha channel bitmaps that you can copy to the clipboard).
  • provides you with batch options: you can save or convert several selected icons in one click (with optional image filtering).
  • exports icons to a folder or a Web page (with full PNG conversion).
  • manage your icon favorites (including categories) and your favorite icon directories. GConvert can remember the folders where you open/save/convert icons.

Create and edit icons yourself!

  • includes a powerful icon editor which lets you add, edit, remove, resize and generate images for your icons. Note that this editor is not like traditional icon editors: it does not provide standard tools like selection, pen, brush... On the contrary use your favorite imaging tool without having to learn a new image editor again, and then import changes directly into the GConvert icon editor.
  • Create new icons by importing image files and turn them into icon images of any format (from monochrome to 32-bit icons with alpha channel). Images may be resized, centered or cropped.
  • Enhanced color support in GConvert 5: the program takes account of image color palettes if they are available.
  • Turn 32-bit icon images (with alpha channel) into non 32-bit images (useful for GIF images).
  • Special support for PNG and PSD files: easily convert your PNG and PSD into icons (and even with partial transparency thanks to alpha channels).
  • modify existing icons in EXE/DLL files.

An intuitive easy-to-use interface!

  • the majority of operations are accessible via keystrokes, context menus or tool buttons, and your tasks can be achieved in simple clicks: no complicate menus or commands.
  • change the default appearance of the interface: GConvert supports skins! You can grab some additional skins here in addition to the ones shipped with the original package.
  • remembers last opened files, folders where you opened/saved icon files, and store your favorite paths and icon files!
  • directly open icon files from Windows Explorer thanks to the optional context menu added by GConvert.
  • customize GConvert thanks to its versatile options.
  • comes with an extensive context-sensitive help file describing all steps and functions in GConvert. Just press F1 to get help!
  • includes a sample icon library, skins, a F.A.Q. page and a "How To" list...
  • and much more.

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