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Some screenshots of GConvert taken under Windows™ Vista, XP and ME (note that GConvert supports skins so you can of course select a different interface style when you use the program).

Main Interface (1)

icon viewer

This is the main window of GConvert (using the default skin) on Windows Vista: the Shell32.dll file was opened. On the left you can see the list of icons found in the library: this is the Main Viewer. It generally displays all 32x32 icons. To access to the images of a single icon, click on the latter in the Main Viewer and these images are displayed in the Image Viewer (on the right). Just click Copy or Save to export your icons as bitmap, PNG, PSD, etc...

Main Interface (2)

Screenshot 2

Same main interface except that we opened a Macintosh™ icon ICNS file (128x128 icon image shown here). We also have a preview of the icon image once converted, as it would appear if we copied it to the Windows clipboard for instance.

Convert picture to icon (reduced screenshot)

Screenshot 3

When you are converting a picture to an icon, just select the part of the picture to import, and configure the different settings to optimize the result. Then your icon is ready to be saved, converted or edited. The "New Icon Image Preview" show you a real preview of your future icon.

Batch convert several icons (reduced screenshot)

Screenshot 4

Want to put your icon collections on the Web? Just select several icons in GConvert and you can convert all of them in some clicks... You can even set different options and image filters.

Create cursor from icon

Screenshot 4

Do you want to make your own Windows cursors? With GConvert, create mouse pointers from existing icons in a snap; you can then use these cursors on your own web pages! Just move the cursor onto this screenshot for a real preview (only Internet Explorer here).

For additional screenshots, do not hesitate to take a look at the product tour.

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