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Since GConvert 5 is a major release, it no longers accepts registration keys for GConvert 4.x. If you are a registered user and want to use GConvert 5, please read these conditions:

  • If you bought a license for GConvert 4.1 after August 1, 2006 then you are entitled for a free upgrade.
  • If you bought the upgrade from GConvert 3.x to GConvert 4.x, then we offer you a free upgrade.
  • Otherwise you need to purchase the upgrade for EUR 9.5 (~ USD 13*).

* means price in USD is indicative only; please check the current euro/dollar conversion rate

go toTo get your upgrade, please enter your user ID as indicated in the registration notice you received from Share-It! and click on Continue.

User ID:    

If you get troubles, please contact the technical support team.

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