Editing Cursor Frames

AniTuner is able to add, modify, move and delete frames of animated cursors. Choose "Edit Cursor Frames" in the Tools panel once an animated cursor is loaded.

edit frames

img All frames of the animated cursor are displayed in this list (in the order of their appearance). AniTuner also indicates the timing for each frame (duration of the keyframe) in jiffies (1/60th of a second).

img Use the links at the bottom to perform operations on frames. Some operations such as Move, Edit... require first that you select a frame in the list.

  • Add frame: opens the "Add frame" dialog box to add one or more frames to the animated cursor.
    You can add:
    • 1 or more blank frames. AniTuner creates an empty bitmap and saves it to the animated cursor as a new frame. For 32-bit animated cursors, a blank alpha channel is automatically generated too. You can then import images or paste new ones using the "Edit frame" command.
    • copy one frame X times. If you want to copy a particular frame, select it in the list and then enter the number of copies you want to add.
    • add from the clipboard: if the clipboard contains a valid bitmap, this option is enabled. You can create a new frame from the clipboard. The option "Include alpha channel when pasting" should be disabled if the clipboard does not contain a bitmap previously copied by AniTuner itself to the clipboard.
  • Remove frame(s): removes the selected frame(s) from the animated cursor.
  • Edit frame: opens the "Edit frame" dialog box and lets you edit the selected frame. You can also double-click on the frame you wish to edit.
  • Import image(s): lets you import one or more existing image files and transform them into new frames for the animated cursor.
  • Export frame: exports the selected frame as an image file. Supported formats include: Bitmap BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, Adobe Photoshop PSD, cursor CUR and icon ICO.
  • Merge with: you can import all frames of an existing animated cursor and add them to the current one. This operation is restrictive because both animated cursors must have the same color depth and size. If you want to import a frame from an animated cursor, you can then also use Import image(s) as described above. If you want to draw an external image on selected frames, use the Merge with Image feature.
  • Move Up: moves the selected frame up and the previous one down.
  • Move Down: moves the selected frame down and the next one up.
  • Drag/drop is supported: you can use drag/drop operations to move a frame to another position in the list: click on the frame you wish to move and drag it onto another frame. The latter will be moved to the old location of the dragged frame.
  • Reverse: allows you to reverse the order of the selected frames. If no frame is selected, the entire cursor is reserved. Frames must be continuously selected.
  • Set Length: changes the duration (in jiffies, see above) of the selected frame(s). If no frame is selected, this will apply to all frames.
  • Operation: opens a popup menu with operations you can apply to the selected frame(s).

imgNote that changes cannot be undone. Be sure to save your animated cursor regularly using "Save animated cursor".