Excel compiler XLS Padlock 2020 released

Our flexible Excel compiler and workbook protection software offers several benefits. 

Discover what’s new in XLS Padlock 2020 released today

Excel Compiler 2020

  • New restriction option: Only allow one instance of the protected workbook.
  • Key generator: new option to disable online validation for generate keys. This is useful for instance for manual offline activation.
  • New buttons to explore and delete the app’s Save Storage folder.
  • XLS Padlock now detects whether Excel has stopped prematurely and informs end users. This can occur if the end user has got an anti-virus or anti-exploit software to protect their Excel installation, or if the Excel copy is not activated.
  • XLL add-ins are now supported and can be compiled as companion files. A VBA code sample for registered XLL files is also available in the user guide.
  • New Advanced option: Allow the user to close the splash screen by clicking it.
  • XLS Padlock now prevents the Excel Options dialog bo from being opened.
  • Disabled access to “My add-ins” in recent Office 365 updates.
  • Added a minimize button to the main screen.
  • Open dialog boxes will now remember the last path used.
  • New resource strings for localization.
  • Fixed random multiple “OLE ERROR 800a3ec” errors.
  • Improved 64-bit mode for universal Excel EXE files.
  • Upgraded VBA script engine.
  • Upgraded compression engine.
  • Updated user guide with new FAQ items, VBA code snippets (open a PDF companion file, test if trial or registered workbook state…).

Description of our Excel compiler

XLS Padlock is software for protecting your Excel workbooks, VBA code and formulas.
XLS Padlock works as an Excel compiler that allows you to turn your Excel workbooks into secure applications (XLS to EXE). A lot of security options and customization possibilities. Learn more about our Excel workbook protection software.

Free fully-functional trial available at https://www.xlspadlock.com/download

More information at https://www.xlspadlock.com

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