XLS Padlock 2022.1 released

XLS Padlock Excel compiler

A minor update was published for our Excel spreadsheet licensing solution. We recommend you  upgrading to this new version if your maintenance is still valid. If not, do not forget that you can renew it with a discount. What’s new in XLS Padlock 2022.1 Fixed: web update was broken for Universal EXE files. The original EXE file … Read more

XLS Padlock 2022 is available

XLS Padlock Excel compiler

We released a major update for our Excel workbook licensing and protection software. Go downloading XLS Padlock 2022. What’s new in XLS Padlock 2022 Please see the announcement on its dedicated news post. This new version comes with a Web Update feature to check for new versions of your Excel workbook apps regularly and automatically … Read more

XLS Padlock 2021.1 available

XLS Padlock Excel compiler

A minor update for our Excel protection software is available: XLS Padlock 2021.1 What’s new in XLS Padlock 2021.1 Added a Paste button in the Online Activation dialog box (see the documentation because it is not automatically added to existing projects). Updated built-in timestamp server URL for (deprecated) SHA1 code signing. Clicking “Last Save” will … Read more

XLS Padlock 2021 released

XLS Padlock Excel compiler

For this end of year 2020, we propose you a big update of our Excel compiler to EXE, XLS Padlock 2021.This inaugurates the 2021 series of releases of our software. What’s new in XLS Padlock 2021 released today New saving mode: XLS Padlock can now store defined cell values in save files (XLSCE format) and … Read more

XLS Padlock 2020.1 available

XLS Padlock Excel compiler

With the general availability of Windows 10 May 2020 update, we’re also upgrading our Excel compiler software to handle it.  What’s new in XLS Padlock 2020.1 released today Compatibility for Windows 10 May 2020 update (v2004). Added support for relative paths in XLS Padlock: they will be related to the folder that contains the Excel … Read more

Excel compiler XLS Padlock 2020 released

xlspadlock 2020 banner

Our flexible Excel compiler and workbook protection software offers several benefits.  Discover what’s new in XLS Padlock 2020 released today See the changelog New restriction option: Only allow one instance of the protected workbook. Key generator: new option to disable online validation for generate keys. This is useful for instance for manual offline activation. New … Read more