Converting Macintosh Icons

Macintosh ICNS iconsGConvert can open and convert Macintosh� compatible icons. Macintosh icons can be read from .ICNS and .RSRC files.
To open a Macintosh icon, just click Open and select the Macintosh icon you want to open.

All of the following Macintosh icon images are supported by GConvert:

TypeSizeColor Depth
Small16x16mono, 16, 256 and 32-bit*
Large32x32mono, 16, 256 and 32-bit*
Huge48x48mono, 16, 256 and 32-bit*
Thumbnail (OS X)128x12832-bit*
For OS X 10.4 (Tiger)256x25632-bit*
For Mac OS X (Leopard)512x51232-bit*

* with 8-bit alpha channel - similar to Windows icons.

When you open a Macintosh icon in GConvert, it exactly works like a Windows icon: this means you can view its icon images, edit it, convert it to other formats and of course add it to icon libraries. However GConvert does not support creating Macintosh icons itself: you will have to save your modified icons to Windows icon files (.ico).

Generally Macintosh icons are compressed in Aladdin Stuffit� archives (.sit): you need first to unpack them and under Windows, you will need the Aladdin Stuffit Expander� utility available here. When you have unpacked a .sit archive, just open the extracted .rsrc files (resource forks) in GConvert.

Icon samples: some Macintosh icon sets are available at ; check this page for further icon designers.

Note: Macintosh icons also have an additional format type called "mini". It is not handled by GConvert because it has no Windows equivalent.

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