HTML Executable 2023 Beta 1 available for testing

We are thrilled to announce the new Beta 1 release of HTML Executable 2023! This update brings a big enhancement: the inclusion of Microsoft WebView2 (Chromium) as a second HTML rendering engine.

HTML Executable is the sole HTML compiler to give you the choice between two Chromium-based engines. Unlike the stand-alone CEF, WebView2 does not require that Chromium engine files be included in each executable file generated with HTML Executable. This allows for the creation of lighter EXE files. All other features are still supported. And best of all, you can switch from WebView2 to CEF (or vice versa) in just a few clicks. No need to modify your project or source files!

Moreover, we’ve chosen to keep HTML Executable 2023 in beta for a bit longer due to the significant internal changes brought about by the introduction of the WebView2 engine. The integration of this new HTML rendering engine is a complex process. We wanted to ensure that we deliver the highest quality product to you. By staying in beta, we’re able to thoroughly test and refine the software, addressing any potential issues before publishing the final version later this year. 

That’s why, in recognition of the delay in releasing this 2023 version, we’re automatically extending maintenance agreements for customers whose maintenance has not expired since the last update.

We invite you to explore the new features and improvements in HTML Executable 2023 Beta and share your feedback. Thank you for your continued support and patience.

HTML Executable 2023

HTML Executable 2023 is an important major release with improvements in all areas.

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