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Vista iconsIncludes full support for Windows Vista and Windows 10 icons

GConvertGConvert 5 is a full-featured icon toolkit software for Windows that everyone who likes icons should use: with it you can extract, view, create, edit, manage & convert icons without requiring any additional tool or knowledge.

 GConvert Received "User Choice" Award at Free Download Manager

One of the best icon managers

open icon of any size iconsGConvert reads all icon images from any icon resources and displays them in a list: you select the icon you want and it can be converted to the format of your choice: icon, bitmap, PNG, Adobe™ Photoshop™ PSD, JPG, GIF... or you can copy it to the Windows clipboard - or even drag & drop it - for direct use into your applications, documents, Web pages...
Any icon resource is supported such as EXE, DLL, icon libraries ICL (32-bit and 16-bit), Windows™ ICO and Macintosh™ ICNS and RSRC files, cursors CUR, ZIP archives...

Software.Informer Editor's pick award

icon libraryGConvert is not only an icon editor (create icon from any image) but also an icon manager and collector: it can create/open/save icon libraries (ICL, DLL, ZIP), browse for icons on your computer, manage icon favorites, create bitmap strips for toolbars and much more.

With its intuitive interface, GConvert can be easily and quickly used without any problems: no complicate menus, buttons or dialogs. Each important command can be instantly accessed with the mouse or keystrokes.

go to See the feature tour, screenshots or download a fully-functional Trial.

A lot of useful features

Features Moreover GConvert offers you more flexibility and functionality than other standard icon extractors: its powerful but easy-to-use features let you do almost everything you want with your icons:

  • extract any icon including all of its images (any size and color depth) from any files containing icons, including  Windows Vista and Mac OS X 256x256 & 512x512 icons.
  • convert icons to images in different formats: single icon ICO files, bitmaps BMP, Portable Network Graphic PNG, Photoshop PSD, JPEG, GIF, CUR...

    Full transparency support (bit transparency or partial with alpha channel) in PNG, PSD, GIF and BMP.
  • includes a powerful icon editor which lets you manage the images of your icons.

    Create icons for Windows (ICO files) and Linux (PNG files).

    Only import one picture and all other icon images can be created in some clicks.
  • create and manage icon libraries in ICL files (ICon Library in 16-bit and 32-bit formats), Zip archives.

    Compile icons into 32-bit DLL files
    similar to MORICONS.DLL fully recognized by Windows.
  • useful drag/drop support: you can drag icons from GConvert and drop them directly onto compatible applications like Windows Explorer, image and word processing tools...
  • recognizes Macintosh icons stored in ICNS and Macintosh resource fork files, including new Mac OS X image formats from 128x128 (thumbnail) to 512x512 (Mac OS X Leopard).
  • manage your icon favorites and your favorite icon directories. Access to your favorite folders directly from the Open dialog box.
  • create cursors for Windows (.cur) directly from icons and set their hotsport.

    Modify icons in .exe and .dll files (32-bit).
  • customize GConvert according to your needs thanks to its versatile options and real skin support fully compatible with all Windows versions.

go to See the feature tour or download your copy.


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