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With the icon editor of GConvert, you can edit any icon (ICO file or embedded icon resource from icon libraries): add new icon images, generate other icon formats automatically, remove icon images, export ICO files...

Icon editor 

This editor is not a standard paint program because you probably already have your own favorite image editing tool, so it works more like an image converter & manager.

For any icon image, you can see its properties, image (XOR), mask (AND) and alpha channel. It is also possible to enable/disable PNG compression for Vista icons.

With "Generate other images", you can automatically create all kind of icon images from a single source icon image. The new icon images are generally correctly created and their transparency is preserved (including the alpha channel for 32-bit icon images). Color conversion and image resizing are automatically performed. More information

Generate other images 

For instance, default icon images for Vista can be created in two clicks.

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