How to compress files into 7-zip (7z) archives?

Summary: this article describes how to compress files or entire folders into
7-Zip archives.

7-Zip file archives are normally created using the free 7-Zip file archiver, written
by Igor Pavlov and featuring a high compression ratio (especially thanks to its
LZMA method). Go to for more information.

But you can also create 7-Zip archives with Paquet Builder.

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Before you begin, you need to have got the following tool:

  • Paquet Builder – Freeware (or Registered) Edition. Paquet Builder can convert 7-Zip, Cabinet and Zip archives into simple or advanced Self-Extractors in .exe format. It can also create .7z, .cab and .zip files itself.

How to compress my files into a 7-Zip archive

1. Open Paquet Builder and on the welcome page, click “Start a new project“.

2. The “New Project” page is
displayed. Choose “Archive File“.

Finally click “Continue“.

3. A new project is started. In the navigation panel on the left side, click on
Manage files to compress“.

4. The File Manager window is opened. Click “Add…” and select “Add File(s)” or “Add Folder” if you want to archive an entire folder.

5. The standard “Open File” shell dialog box is shown: select the file(s)
you want to archive
and finally click “Open”.
Files are
added to the list; you can then continue to add more files or folders.
When everything is done, click OK button to close the File Manager

6. Click “Build” in the toolbar and you are prompted to specify the
filename for the 7z archive
that will be built.

When your archive is created, you can see the details of the compilation:

output log

That’s all!

It is possible to add entire group of files, folders and even source wildcards.

You can configure how paths are stored in the archive. Paquet Builder supports storing relative paths: just click “Modify file compression“.

You can set the file compression level (how hard your files are compressed): several pre-defined levels from Fast to Ultra are available. Click “Modify file compression“.

You can save a project file (.pbpx extension) and rebuild your archive later and at any time. It is even possible to automatically compile it again directly from Windows Explorer using the context menu: just click your .pbpx file and select “Compile” in the menu.

See the
Paquet Builder
SFX maker homepage for other features

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